Dec 6, 2012

Garment Rails

Posted by: David Holt

Item Products (NPD) Ltd has two wardrobe garment rails available for the home removals market.

The rails are designed and manufactured in the UK, something we are very proud of.

The Master Rail heavy duty option designed with a working load up to 65kg has been developed primarily for use in a wardrobe removals cases and in cartons to ship garments produced by the clothing industry.

There are also two shorter rails available at 12" and 6". Both are suitable for a variety of applications including corrugated modular shelving systems.

The alternative option is the Multi Rail, designed for working loads of up to 45kg.

It is a newly designed rail that secures garment hangers onto the rail to prevent sliding or falling in transit. It has a secondary hanging facility ensures extra security in transit. Designed to accept most types / sizes of garment hanger. The material used is robust, reusable and 100% recyclable. Hanger locators prevent garments from slipping or falling.

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