Nov 5, 2015

Item Products – Locking Corner Protectors

Posted by: david_h

Locking corner protectorWell respected and long established UK packaging component manufacturer, Item Products, are proud to announce the launch of yet another innovative new product. The Locking Corner Protector (LCP) is aimed primarily at the soft fruit and vegetable packing business and offers many advantages over existing produce tray options.


Designed for a corrugated tray that is erected at the point of use, the LCP slots into each top corner providing both tray strength and stack stability. The design allows subsequent tiers to nest into uniformed columns and, unlike other tray corner components, the LCP is “legless” making it suitable for use with any depth of tray With cost and the environment always in mind, the LCP has 50% less material than alternative components and is made from durable plastic so it can be reused many times. LCP is also totally recyclable and enables the elimination of board from many existing tray designs providing further savings. The combination provides an entirely green and cost effective option for packaging. Using LCP removes the need for glue and staples so you only transport flat trays out to the field or point of use thus reducing transport costs and time required.
Please contact us on 01582 391898 for samples.

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