Feb 7, 2011

Now Thats What I call a good idea

Posted by: David Holt

Item Products were asked to help solve a problem Busker Guitars were having with damaged guitars, when the guitars were sent through the courier network they were experiencing a number of damaged instruments.

We suggested adding a handle to the packaging, this would make the courier hold the packaging in the right way, this also encouraged more careful handling.

Don't just take our word for it, here is what Busker Guitars said...

"The issue we have is that guitars are damaged in transit mainly because the couriers drop the big awkward boxes, or the guitars get crushed because they are loaded flat rather than on edge.  The solution was to fit a single handle onto each box at the balance point.  The courier can now carry two boxes at a time safely and easily, and they naturally load the boxes on edge along their strong axis.  It is a simple, practical solution.  We're happy, the couriers are happy, and our customers are happy!  Less than 20p to save a £500 instrument from damage is a good deal!"

Guitar and courier

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