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Item Products (NPD) Ltd is the UK's leading designer and producer of components for the packaging industry. Our reputation has been secured by developing innovative solutions for major British and international companies and by providing a next day delivery of many products from within our range.
  •     Interlocks - connecting clips & tamper evidence - help enable pack re-use
  •     Carrying handles - standard & heavy duty
  •     Point of sale - display hooks, euro studs & rivets
  •     Packaging mobility - wheels & stabilisers
Our Interlock locking clips are designed to enhance the look and performance of your packaging and enabling multiple use of both the locking clips and the packs.

Item Products' Interlocks are designed to clip together multiple sections of corrugated board in a heavy duty transit pack. Their use eliminates the need for strapping, which often cuts into board to impair its performance, possibly risking damage to the contents. Interlocks can be removed as easily as they can be fitted and thus provide scope for re-use, not just of the clips but of the entire pack, to provide genuine commercial benefits and reduce landfill. Hewlett Packard is just one of several businesses to recognise the qualities and benefits of using Interlocks
We produce a large selection of high-quality carry handles, which can be recycled in the commercial waste stream, for pack weights up to 25 kgs. Our internationally successful Integra range is suitable for carrying home your wine boxes, toys & games, domestic appliances, homewares, etc. Increasingly we are using recycled materials with further developments offering even greener options..

Innovation has always been at the forefront of Item's new product development philosophy to give a fresh look to packaging design solutions. We are very environmentally aware and will continue to pursue new developments with the reuse of packaging materials at the very front of our minds. We will always offer to mould our products in recycled materials and the most up to date green materials where avaialble.