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Interlock 4
  • Combined locking and lifting design
  • Incorporating hinged dust excluder
  • Removable for re-use and inspection purposes
  • Available for a combination of different board grades: 14mm, 21mm & 25mm


Interlock 4 plastic clip

Interlock 4 plastic closure

Interlock 4 half open

Interlock 4 locking clip


Features - Two Piece Handhold Protector

  • Strong and comfortable two piece handhold protector
  • Suitable in 7mm to 8mm thickness of material
  • Side loading
  • Used in corrugated board and Correx type material
  • Easy clip together installation
  • Reference - Hand Hold HHP 2-7

Hand hold protector

Two piece hand hold protector


Features - Handhold Protector

  • Simple and effective handhold protector
  • Side loading
  • Used in corrugated board
  • Also suitable for Correx type material
  • Easy installation
Hand hold protector
Hand hold protector for trays
EKS 999
  • Locking Handhold Protector (HHP)
  • Incorporates hinged dust excluder
  • For board up to 10mm (or 2 x 5mm)

EKS 999 box clip

EKS 999 HHP side view open

EKS 999 box clip

Left: Top view locked. Right: side view locked

EKS 999 box clip

Left: Side view locked with dust excluder down. Right: Die-cut hole to be w:108mm h:43mm with radius corners

EKS 692.0
EKS 692.0
  • Handhold Protector
EKS 692 hand hold protector for boxes
EKS692 hand hold protector for boxes
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Boxes RequiredProductDescriptionNumber per BoxColour
Interlock 4 14mm locking device 250 -
Interlock 4.21 21mm locking device 200 -
Interlock 4.25 25mm locking device 150 -
Hand Hold HHP2-7 Two piece hand hold protector 500
EKS 999 Hand Hold Reinforcer 300
EKS 692.0 Hand Hold Protector 500

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