Box Wheels

The perfect solution to make large or awkward packs mobile. These components can be used together to aid mobility of large and awkward packs. Using the Trundler foot with the Trundler wheels provides a braking system when stationary. There is also a steerable version to provide even greater flexibility.

Download the Trundler Product Brochure PDF.

Steerable Trundler
  • Enables steerage on large platforms such as pallets or containers
  • Assembles from outside the packaging using simple locking device
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Designed to be re-useable
  • No additional fixings or tools required
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with either the Trundler wheel or Trundler foot
  • Multi directional
  • For even greater movement control of heavy goods

European Patent No. 2241455

Box castors

Box castors

Steerable Trundler provides excellent mobility to large corrugated packs, when a pallet truck is not an option, steerable Trundler is an ideal alternative.

Box castors

Box castors

Self Adhesive Steerable Trundler


Carefully peel away the backing liner

Ensure the inner liner section remains in place.




Transparent adhesive pad left on the Trundler














 Smooth flat carefully across the Trundler




Push down firmly all over