Economic & Environmental impact

Box flap closure


Fact:  90% of corrugated boxes are used just once and then recycled or go to a landfill.

Our products are made of durable, recycled or virgin ABS plastic, or nylon. All materials are recyclable.

Many worldwide corporations over the last five to seven years, have put programs in place to reduce waste and increase re-use of materials while striving to meet rigorous zero waste business goals. Corporations with global supply chain footprints are constantly seeking opportunities to better integrate their operations across facilities, distribution centres, and geographical regions. Box Latch™ Products offer an innovative low technology solution to address contemporary sustainability issues associated with waste management, supply chain sustainability, lean manufacturing, and employee health/safety. Each of these can generate production and operational cost savings.

Box Latch™ Products are a Re-Usable alternative to tape, staples, and bands that have traditionally been used to close cardboard boxes.

Research completed during the invention, patenting, and manufacturing of the Box Latch™ exposed some alarming statistics. 90% of cardboard boxes are used once.

For every ton of cardboard that is re-used, we can save:

6.5 cubic metres of landfill,

1,400 litres of oil,

4,000 kilowatts of energy,

Over 25,000 litres of water

17 trees – saving 64% of the energy, 58% of the water, while eliminating over 27 kilos of air pollution!

Moreover, these 17 trees can absorb a total of 110kilos of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper would create 680 kilos of carbon dioxide.

With each ton of bundled corrugate that is re-used instead of recycled, the savings are magnified by eliminating the labour, transportation, and energy costs of recycling.

Re-Use these boxes three, five, or more times and the cost and environmental savings are extraordinary.

Moving and storage industries,

Medical and research laboratories

However, our products work well anywhere businesses or individuals want a rapid, no tape needed method to close and reopen boxes.

Re-useable Box Latch™ products save money invested in one time use of tape as they promote box re-use and save money and our environment.  They may also reduce injuries caused by box cutters and repetitive strain caused from taping hundreds of boxes a day.

Since only 10% of corrugated boxes are used more than once, this means that there are a lot of opportunities for the patented Box Latch™ Products to ‘disrupt’ the marketplace and provide corporations and people with expanded opportunities to re-use their boxes! Re-using materials is one of the easiest ways to reduce your organization’s footprint and save money!

What type of role will your business play in shaping our future?