New B2B Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions


Box flap closure

Box Latch™ Products are a re-usable alternative to tape, staples, and strapping that have traditionally been used to close cardboard boxes. Operations and supply chain managers are able to reduce material costs (corrugated box and tape expenses) by anywhere from 10% to 90% following integration of Box Latch™ Products into their supply chain systems.

The Problem – 90% of all cardboard boxes are used just once & tape is not free. The Solution – Innovative box re-use and tape reduction inventions by Box Latch™ Products

  • Triple bottom line (economic, environmental, and social) benefits can be achieved:
  • Tape reduction/elimination results in less line down time
  • Promotes cardboard box re-use providing huge ROI
  • Decrease worker injury rate (i.e. repetition strain injuries & cuts)
  • Faster than hand taping or folding flaps for closing and re-opening
  • Does not destroy boxes like folding corners, taping, staples
  • May be attached to boxes and remain a part of the box for ease in box re-use and storage
  • Elimination of tape = reduction in tape costs

How to apply Box Latch