Atlantic Range

A selection of lightweight, decorative & specialist handles. Download the Atlantic Range Product Brochure PDF. Enquiries form

Decorative Carton Handle

Rope Handle

Plastic Rope Handle

  • Four sizes of rope handles: 9" 12" 15" & 18"
  • Carries up to 11kg

Washer disk (reinforcer)

  • Provides reinforcement to any corrugated or cardboard box
  • White only

Washer disk

  • Carries up to 9kg

Plastic Bracelet

Double Braid

  • Carries up to 9kg

Plastic Braceletlastic Double Braid Handle

Lightwight Carton Handles
6" Handle
  • Carries up to 7kg

Standard plastic handle for cartons

Mini Escort

  • Carries up to 7kg

Mini_escort plastic handle for boxes


  • Carries up to 7kg
Mid-Escort plastic handle for boxes

Standard Escort
  • Carries up to 18kg
Atlantic Range plastic handle for cartons

Heavy-Duty Escort
  • Carries up to 35kg

Heavy-Duty Escort plastic handle

Specialist Handles
Carry Aid
  • Suitable for packages tied with string
  • Carries up to 15kg
Carry aid plastic handle

  • Suitable for packages tied with string
  • Carries up to 36kg

Cord Carry All Handle

Heavy-Duty Carton Handles
6.5" Heavy-Duty
  • Carries up to 20kg
6.5" Heavey Duty Handle

7" Heavy-Duty
  • Carries up to 20kg

7" Heavy Duty Handle

8" Heavy-Duty
  • Carries up to 30kg
8" Heavy Duty Handle

9" Heavy-Duty
  • 12" handle also available
  • Carries up to 45kg
9" Heavy Duty Handle

Product Brochure
Click here to download the download the Atlantic Range Product Brochure PDF.
Decorative Handles PDF

To enquire about the price of this item(s) enter the total number of boxes you require in the field marked Boxes Required.

Boxes RequiredProductDescriptionNumber per BoxColour
Rope Handle 9in Decorative Carton Handle 4000
Rope Handle 12in Decorative Carton Handle 3000
Rope Handle 15in Decorative Carton Handle 2500
Rope Handle 18in Decorative Carton Handle 2000
Rope Handle Washer 1000
Bracelet Decorative Carton Handle 2500
Double Braid Decorative Carton Handle 2500
Lightwight Carton Handles 2500
Specialist handle 1000
Heavy-Duty Carton Handles 2500

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