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Sidewinder Standard
  • Polypropylene webbing and backing plate - modern & improved version of the Celta handle
  • Double slotted design for security of webbing
  • All ends sewn in double row stitching
  • Black webbing (other colours available - POA)
  • Backing plate 95mm x 95mm
  • Proven to 75KG
  • Reusable

Download the Sidewinder Product Brochure PDF

Sidewinder webbing handle for boxes

Sidewinder webbig handle in use

Heavy duty side loading handle, capable of lifting in excess of 100KG. Easy to retro fit to packs as they just need a small slit in the side of a case for the webbing to push through.

Webbing Crate Handle


  • 3 ply webbing in accordance with BS 7141: Part 2
  • Backing plate 140mm x 20mm galvanised steel
  • Multiple holes for secure screw fixing
  • All ends sewn in double row stitching
  • Green webbing (other colours available - POA)
  • Def stan 81-29/3

Metal bracket and webbing handle

Metal bracket and webbing handle

Sidewinder Finale
  • Designed for caskets made to EU regulations
  • Complies with emission guidelines


Finale cotton and fibre board coffin handle

Sidewinder Finale coffin handle

  • Natural jute webbing handle with fibreboard backing plate
  • Made to order only
  • Reusable
Sidewinder: Slot cutter / handle inserter
  • Hand-held tool to slot and locate handle.
  • Will pierce most regular grades of carton board


Sidewinder handle inserter
  • Designed to hook and pull webbing through slot
  • Robust plastic material
  • Safe to use
Product Brochure
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Boxes RequiredProductDescriptionNumber per BoxColour
Sidewinder standard Side loading webbing handle 500
Sidewinder finale Natural cotton webbing handle 350
Sidewinder: Slot cutter / handle inserter Webbing Loop Handle accessory -

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