Tray Components

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  • ALL NEW STAKATRAY! New design including extra locking tabs for even greater strength.
  • A range of stacking corner posts for use with fibreboard, corrugated board or corrugated plastic trays for food, fruit or vegetables.
  • Available in any colour (subject to volume)
  • Available for board of either 2mm to 4mm thickness or 4mm to 8mm thickness (depending on paper grade)
  • Easily fitted - very strong - the BEST!

Fefco 0302

   Can be used with FEFCO 0302


Stackatray with tabs

Stakatray provides excellent strength and rigidity to trays.


Single wall - 2mm to 4mm board grade

SW-100 - 100mm tray depth

SW-150 - 150mm tray depth

Stacking corner protector

Available in different lengths and widths

Double Wall - 6mm to 8mm board grade

DW-100 - 100mm tray depth

DW-200 - 200mm tray depth

DW-250 - 250mm tray depth

DW-300 - 300mm tray depth


Heavy Duty Tray Components


  • Corner protectors
  • Wide and narrow edging strip
  • For use in trays manufactured in Correx-type material or heavy-duty corrugated board


 Corner protector


 Pyramid corner protector




 Two piece hand hold protector

  HHP2 Two piece hand hold protector suitable for 7mm - 8mm board

Tray components

 Hand Hold Protector

HHP1 Hand hold  Side-loading hand hold for corrugated / Correx trays



Narrow edging strip

Edge Strip - 9mm & 5mm maximum capacity available


Corner piece Edge Strip


Corner pieces with wide and narrow edge strips 

Corner protector

 Corner protector


Locking Corner Protectors


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Simple to remove
  • Provides strength and stacking capabilty
  • Perfect assembly option for flat pack trays
  • Locks assembled tray without the need for glue
  • Recyclable
Locking Corner Protector for cartons
Locking Corner Protector for cartons
Product Brochure
Click here to download the Tray Components Product Brochure PDF
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Tray Components

To enquire about the price of this item(s) enter the total number of boxes you require in the field marked Boxes Required.

Boxes RequiredProductDescriptionNumber per BoxColour
Stakatray Stacking corners 400
Bottom corner protectors Protective tray bottom corner pieces 3000
Edge strips narrow Protective edging cut to length 2000 metres minimum
Edge strips wide Protective edging cut to length 2000 metres minimum
Corner pieces Protective tray corner pieces 500
Hand holds Hand hold protector 1000

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