Paper Handles


Paper handles from leading manufacturer Persson.

Item Products are the exclusive UK distributor for Persson Innovations renowned range of inline handles

Persson Innovation develops, produces and markets paper and plastic carrying handles and handle applicator machines worldwide.  Clients are global companies and leading brands. You can find Persson handles on various consumer products including beverages, food, electronics and chemical products.

You can rely on Persson handles. The handles provide a great quality and a great look. In partnership with Persson we aim to:

Provide the best possible customer service.
To be our customer’s first choice by maintaining high standards of service and quality.
Strive for continuous improvement to provide our clients with the latest solutions at a low price.
Encourage innovation internally and reward achievements.
Have a good work environment and focus on environmental awareness.

Persson Innovation is committed to work for a sustainable environment.



Persson Innovation has a set of guidelines for their environmental efforts:

Minimise  usage of raw materials, commodities and energy.
Meet or exceed the requirements of the laws, regulations and ordinances regarding the environment.
Work preventatively, and strive for continuous improvement in the environmental field.
Strive constantly to work to decrease the use of resources, and the load their production and their products put on the environment and climate. When it comes to the use of paper, all Persson handles are produced only using paper that meets the EC Regulation No. 1935/2004.
With regards to work environment, Persson work according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority´s guidelines, and the company strives to continuously improve the work environment, safety and hygiene in collaboration with it's employees.
Increase employee knowledge in environmental issues and actively motivate so that work is performed in an environmentally responsible way.