Custom Handles & Design

With our partners Persson Innovation we can offer complete technical services for the development of customised handles and packages.

Design service

Our product development service ensure that you get the right handle for your package. We provide you with the strength you need and the materials your customers want. We make sure that your packages are easy to grab, lift and carry home. Colours can be made to suit your package as well as printed with your competitive sales message. We take the project from beginning to end including developing the material and the technical solution required to attach the handle to the package

We offer new product development services to simplify lifting, carrying and handling products of any kind.

Our coffee box made for carrying and pouring is a good example of a new package idea that we brought from concept to final product and manufacturing solution.

The coffee package has two handles that give the user a steady grip when leaning the box forward to pour coffee. The corrugated paper insulates the coffee and keeps it warm for an extended period of time. This solution makes it possible for coffee shops to sell larger quantities of coffee to offices or parties while providing customers with a functional convenience.

Persson Innovation can provide you with packages and handle solutions nobody has seen before. If you offer a product that would sell better if your customers could carry it home more easily, contact us today.

Persson Coffee Box