Handle Applicator

Persson handles are best applied using the Persson inline handle machine.

Persson’s efficient application procedure and Persson’s unique handle design provide the packaged goods industry with the most effective handle solution at the lowest cost. Precisely engineered technology provides the packaged goods industry with solutions that produce at maximum speed.

Inline handle applicator

Persson’s Handle Applicator is made to roll into place and connect to your existing folder gluer without interfering with existing technology and machine parts. Applying handles directly in the folder gluer simplifies the process substantially. Persson’s Handle Applicator is already prepared for your folder gluers’s operating software and working methods making installation a simple plug in and set up. A couple of hours is all we need.

No Second Machining.
Persson’s Handle Applicator works as part of your existing packaging system and installs the handle just before the folding and gluing of your packages.  This means that Persson’s handle applicator does not add any second machining to your package manufacturing.